Bridesmaid Makeup

How to choose perfect makeup looks for your bridesmaids, by our super talented MUA Richard Harvey.

Here’s what he has to say…

When you have multiple bridesmaids choosing a makeup style to suit all can be tricky, not that you want everybody to look exactly the same, but having an idea of a theme can be advisable.

With makeup preferences ranging from very natural to a full on contour selecting a look that all feel comfortable with can be quite the challenge.  I do feel now with apps like Pinterest its easy to make a board of looks that will compliment the bride’s look and the colour scheme, and also picture references are always best to show a makeup artist.

The Smokey Eye

A smokey eye is always a winner with most girls, as your makeup look should be more than every day but not quite full on glam night out.

We selected this picture of Vanessa because the smokiness is focused with the use of eyeliner.  Gel or pencil liner will achieve the same effect but would recommend choosing a waterproof version to help with any happy tears.

Line the eye then using a clean brush or finger to smudge the pencil to give the smokey look.   Add pencil into the water line to vamp up the more daring bridesmaid.

A single shimmery lid eye shadow colour is perfect for a softer smokey look, or blend a darker complimentary colour into the socket for an adventurous smokey eyed look.


Lashes are almost a must with among bridal parties, these can be individuals applied by a salon, or strips that can be glued on the day.  Brides that haven’t tried lashes before should opt for a more natural strip lash or a half lash.  They are perfect for a subtle look or a mother of the bride as it gives a real lift at the end of the eye.

An important rule with makeup is that if you go big on your eyes then go for a softer lip and visa versa.

Tip – with eyelashes, the free glue you usually get with the pack usually isn’t a great glue,

Duo lash glue is well worth the investment.  Most lashes if you give the strip a clean and pick off access glue can be used up to 3 times.

Richard Loves ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Mac Half Lash 20
  • Tatti Lash – Mink Lashes TL19
  • Duo Lash Adhesive

Blended eye

For a more softer eye shadow look like here with model Eloise the blended eye is a good option.


EN415 (2)

With You Tube tutorials at your fingertips, creating looks at home is easier than ever.  A few attempts should be had before a big occasion.

Here are a few easy steps to achieving this lookurban decay

It’s always good to have an idea of a colour palette before starting application.

You may may wish to compliment the dress colour, accessories, flowers or simply a colour you know bring out your eye shade.

Eye shadow palettes are better than ever now. Urban Decay are a great choice and the pigment is fab.

  • For the base chose a lighter shade to apply all over your eye lid right up to the eye crease using a firmer flatter brush, its your choice if you pick a matte shade shimmer or glitter.
  • This is where the blending starts. Use a fluffier brush and pick a darker complimentary shade
  • Deepen the outer 3rd of the eyelid then start to apply in a sweeping motion gently following the crease
  • How far and high you go is up to you, you really don’t want there to be lines of where the colour ends
  • Using a clean brush you can buff it in to give a more blended look.
  • Highlighter is huge right now, blending some just below the eye brow really lifts the look plus on the cheek bones, tip of nose and cupids bow really does take your makeup look to the next level

Blending Brushes ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • MAC 217 Blending Brush
  • Zoeva 221 Crease Brush
  • Morphe M330 Blending Crease Brush


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Photograph: Craig Flemming Photography

**These products are advisory only, if you have any existing skin conditions or allergies please check the ingredients carefully, seek medical advise and/or carry out a patch test before using**


Glowing Skin Tips for Winter Brides

You’ve chosen your beautiful wedding dress, carefully selected your accessories, colours schemes, suits, flowers, table plans, all things bridal and are fast approaching your big day.  You are probably starting to think about hair and makeup styles you would like to make sure you look your absolute best for those all important wedding day shots, but what about your skincare????

We’ve teamed up with MUA and Skincare specialist Amba Logan for hints and tips to help achieve flawless skin and here what she had to say….


“Every bride dreams of glowing their way through the big day, but during the colder months it can take a little more work and you can’t rely on make-up alone.

Dewy skin, glass skin, glowing, whatever you call it all starts with good skincare. Here are some tips to turn your winter dull skin into plump hydrated perfection!”

  1. Switch out any gel wash off cleansers for cleansing balms or oils. A lot of wash offs contain drying ingredients such as, sodium lauryl sulphate, and they can alter the skins PH. Skin is naturally slightly acidic and richer balms, oils and rich cleansing creams help to keep skin in its happy place. Remove with a clean flannel/ muslin cloth, making sure you use a fresh one every evening.
  2. Spend a good two minutes massaging in your cleanser, until the skin appears pink. This acts like a good work out for the skin, boosting circulation and delivering fresh nutrients.
  3. The secret to hydrated skin that may be suffering with seasonal dryness, usually caused by central heating and the cold weather is to layer your hydration rather than using one thick moisture cream. Start with an essence or hydrating toner, then, onto slightly damped skin apply a hyaluronic acid serum to draw moisture to the cells. Follow with a light oil, finishing with your richer moisturizer to lock it all in. If you’re at home and make up free, try adding a second and third layer throughout the day.
  4. Don’t forget SPF when your out for long periods, aging UVA rays still get through in the dull cold weather.
  5. Exfoliation is essential, but beware of harsh formulas with rough granules. Opt for mild acid toners instead. Lactic and malic acid are the best for dry skin.
  6. Use a face-mask at least twice a week. Stick to hydrating nourishing ingredients, and steer clear of clays until your skin is more balanced. Sheet masks are really popular, but use these more for a quick instant result, on the morning of the wedding would be great (don’t try a new one, make sure you’ve tried it before). A creamy formula that you rub in can be left on much longer and even slept in over night for a real hydration boost.
  7. Don’t try any new intense treatments in the two weeks running up to the day. Although its tempting if we see a new “all bells & whistles” skin serum or facial, its best not to risk any reactions or sensitivity so close!
  8. Dehydrated skin is not caused by not drinking enough water… it helps obviously, but its surface cellular water the skin is lacking and has lost so topical treatments are the way forward. Eating water rich fruits and vegetables is a more effective way of getting nutrients to the skin and locking in hydration.
  9. Make time for yourself in a very busy schedule, you will glow much more if your not stressed out… Enjoy!

Amba Loves ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Medik8 Lipid – Balancing Cleansing Oil
  • Ren Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic
  • Indeed Labs Squalane Facial Oil
  • Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist
  • La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Mask
  • NeoStrata Bio-Hydrating Cream

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Beauty Photograph: William Clark Photographer

**These products are advisory only, if you have any existing skin conditions or allergies please check the ingredients carefully, seek medical advise and/or carry out a patch test before using**


How to Choose Your Wedding Accessories

You’ve chosen your beautiful gown and it’s all exciting and starting to become real.  You may now want to start thinking about what accessories you would like to compliment your dress and style.

Here are a few tips to help you decide:

Think about which hairstyle you would like and which pieces would sit in your hair best. If you are opting for an updo you may wish to go for a comb or slide that will fix in back to add a beautiful sparkly finish.

Tiaras are perfect for brides who want achieve the princess look and can be worn in so many different hairstyles. 2018 saw the return of the high tiara when Meghan Markle elegantly graced the aisle on her wedding to Prince Harry.

Thin tiaras are a great way to subtly add a touch of sparkle to your hair style and are the lightweight option from brides who don’t want something too heavy.

If you are undecided on your hairstyle but would like a versatile hair piece that can be added to any style the hair vine option is definitely for you.  This year sees the addition of opal stones and blush tones to compliment mocha and pink wedding dresses which are becoming a popular choice for fashion savvy brides.

For brides wanting a boho feel in their headdress, flower pieces are the perfect way to achieve this look.

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Colour of the Year 2019

Colour institute Pantone has declared “Living Coral” as its 2019 colour of the year replacing 2019’s ultra violet.

Pantone describes Living Coral as “an animated, life-affirming shade of orange, with golden undertones” Pantone also cited Living Coral as a color of carefree happiness.


Here are a few of our lovely dresses and accessories in our coral/pink shades

coral pantone of the year copy

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Real Bride – Yvonne Rawling ♥

I booked my wedding in July 2017 for the 20th October 2018 at The Fishermans Retreat The venue was perfect for an autumn wedding.

My fiancé supports Aston Villa Football Club whose colours are claret and blue so I was looking for claret/burgundy dresses preferably with a sleeve as October would be chilly and also a style that would suit a 17 year old and a 60 year old

I went to see Paula at One Special Day and found the perfect dress.   My bridesmaids looked stunning in Linzi Jay dresses

My younger bridesmaid has had serious health problems and at one point we didn’t know if she would be well enough to be a bridesmaid but she made my day by being there and it was absolutely perfect.

Here are Yvonne and her bridesmaids wearing style EN407 with embellishment added to to waist band

Dresses – EN407

Venue: The Fishermans Retreat

Photography: Vicky Leanne Photography

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Real Bride – Shanice Robertson ♥

“My husband and I recently got married at Alnwick Treehouse in Northumberland. With this being a very quirky venue we didn’t want just an ordinary wedding. When it came to selecting a wedding accessory I didn’t want the norm, I wanted something unique and different.

I found a lot of stores do the norm and traditional as this is what every bride wants…. but I wanted something different that would fit with my Autumnal theme and that was more me.  I saw a wedding piece and had my eye on it for months, however, was not expecting what I ended up with.

I went shopping with one of my bridesmaids to go and see this piece but before we went we called in Paris Dress House in the Metrocentre.  We browsed some bridal pieces and one really caught my eye, however I didn’t want to try it on in the store as I still wanted to check out this other bridal piece.

As I was about to leave the store I was approached by a shop assistant who was lovely.  She talked me through the Linzi Jay range and I told her I liked a particular piece, she helped me try it on and I knew that was the one for my wedding, I felt a million dollars and no one could take the smile off my face.

When I got home I couldn’t wait to show it off to everyone and they loved it just as much as me”

Here are Shanice and her husband on their wedding day and she looks absolutely amazing.  Huge thank you for sharing your special day with us

Headpiece –

Venue: Treehouse Alwick

Photography: Casablanca Photography

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In the Press

Over the past 12 months we have been working closely with lots of bridal magazines, blogs and online platforms to bring you lots of useful information about our products and show you the best bridal trends for the coming seasons.

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Bridesmaids Separates

Designed for our new 2019 collection.  The brand new collection of bodices, toppers, skirts and trousers are perfect for ladies who don’t want to opt for a bridesmaids dress and love the idea of mix and matching their bridal party.

They are ideal for girls who are different sizes on the top and bottom and available in over 40 colours!

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