Dresses for my body shape

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Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect dress for your body shape


If you have an ample bust, rounded stomach and slimmer hips your shape is “Apple”.  Apple shapes carry any weight around the middle but also have the advantage of a big bust, they also benefit from slim hips, a great bottom and lovely legs.  

Do’s and Dont’s

The aim is to create a waist illusion by sculpting your midriff, side rouching is a great way to achieve this.   Often apple shape try to hide behind baggy clothes to draw attention away from the middle but this will just make you look bigger.  Choose dresses that will show off your cleavage and highlight those lovely legs; short, knee length or tea length dresses are great for this.   

  • Plunging, sweetheart, cowl necks and v necklines are perfect for apple shapes, dont be afraid to show it off!
  • Avoid ruffles at all times, ruffles will also make you look bigger
  • Don’t be afraid to use vibrant colours and patterns will hide any problem areas  
  • A-Line skirts and full skirts help to make the waist look smaller

Linzi Jay dresses perfect for apple shapes are;


If you have narrow shoulders, and bigger hips, thighs or bum you have got a pear shape body.   The pear shape is the classic feminine silhouette, with hips, thighs or bum that are bigger than the upper half.  Chances are you have slim shoulders and great boobs.  

Pear shape have the advantage that any weight gain tends to go on the lower half and the eye takes in the top half first.   

Do’s and Dont’s

  • Show off you slim top half with a strapless dress.  A strapless long dress with a nipped in waist will help to create more on an hour glass figure.  
  • If you prefer straps, try and go for halterneck and spaghetti strap dresses because they show off lovely arms, shoulders and neckline.  

Linzi Jay dresses perfect for pear shapes are; 


If you have an ample bust, curvy hips and a defined, slimmer waist you are lucky enough to have to most enviable shape of the “hourglass” 

Do’s and Dont’s

  • Fitted bodices with A-line skirts will mirror your fabulous hourglass shape
  • Peplum dresses create a line down from the waistline to the hip, which will exaggerate your curvy hips

Linzi Jay dresses perfect for Hourglass figures are;

Inverted Triangle

If your shoulders are broader than your hips, your shape is the “inverted triangle”.  The inverted triangle is often found on models and athletes.  You have strong shapely shoulders, narrow hips and slim sexy legs. 

Do’s & Dont’s

Try and create the illusion of an hourglass shape by adding volume around the hips, this will help balance out the broader top half, while flattering those shapely shoulders.  Look for tear-drop shaped necklines or any that offer a feminine curve into your shoulder line. 

  • Asymmetric skirts add width to hips helping to balance out broader shoulders
  • Low necklines with ruffles draw attention towards your cleavage, and away from your shoulders. 
  • Prints and patterns on the lower body can help add volume and draw the focus away from a broader upper body
  • Avoid anything boxy like high-necked shift dresses or smock dresses as they will make the top half look bigger leaving you out of proportion.

The key is finding the right balance and keeping everything in proportion.

Linzi Jay dresses perfect for the inverted triangle shape are;

We hope this helps you find your perfect bridesmaids dress



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