How to Choose Your Wedding Accessories

You’ve chosen your beautiful gown and it’s all exciting and starting to become real.  You may now want to start thinking about what accessories you would like to compliment your dress and style.

Here are a few tips to help you decide:

Think about which hairstyle you would like and which pieces would sit in your hair best. If you are opting for an updo you may wish to go for a comb or slide that will fix in back to add a beautiful sparkly finish.

Tiaras are perfect for brides who want achieve the princess look and can be worn in so many different hairstyles. 2018 saw the return of the high tiara when Meghan Markle elegantly graced the aisle on her wedding to Prince Harry.

Thin tiaras are a great way to subtly add a touch of sparkle to your hair style and are the lightweight option from brides who don’t want something too heavy.

If you are undecided on your hairstyle but would like a versatile hair piece that can be added to any style the hair vine option is definitely for you.  This year sees the addition of opal stones and blush tones to compliment mocha and pink wedding dresses which are becoming a popular choice for fashion savvy brides.

For brides wanting a boho feel in their headdress, flower pieces are the perfect way to achieve this look.

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